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The Challenge

Wizecare enables healthcare providers to deliver intelligent, accessible, and exciting physical therapy sessions directly to their patients’ homes, allowing healthcare organizations and insurers to provide measurable, affordable, and standardized quality of care.

The challenge was to provides an all-in-one solution for telerehabilitation at home, enable the platform to runs on any mobile and desktop device, anytime, anywhere. Integrating AR and AI technologies.



צילום מסך 2020‏.10‏.26 ב‏.16.08.32.png
צילום מסך 2020‏.10‏.26 ב‏.18.55.53.png
Wizecare app 4 - 1.jpg
Wizecare app 4 - 7.jpg
Wizecare app 4 - 2.jpg
Wizecare app 4 - 3.jpg
Wizecare app 4 - 8.jpg
Wizecare app 4 - 9.jpg
Wizecare app 4 -26.jpg
Wizecare app 4 - 6.jpg
Wizecare app 4 - 5.jpg
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