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The Challenge

Kids spend 6 hours a day in front of screens!  

As a result, they spend less time on hands-on creative play

their creativity and child development is hurt, 

It causes a negative effect on their Sleep, Attention, Learning, Depression, and Social interaction.

Parents are concerned about: child development and harmful online content, and feel guilty about screen time shaming.

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The Solution


A child development platform, using deep technology and creative process, to develop fine motor, cognitive & emotional skills.

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The Product

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Approach & Requaeirments


I research the user personas and their needs, I start with a survey and interviews of kids, parents, teachers, and school managers. that helped me focus on the users' needs, pains, and goals. 

Then I define the users' journey and sketch wireframes to describe the users' processes, Information architecture, and the hierarchy of my solution.

Main conclusions:

  • Parents wish to get reed of guilty feelings 

  • Kids search for new content

  • Teachers wish to have educational content to improve their experimental teaching

MVP Launch VR.1


Launching a desktop version no.1 with minimum features to test the main uses by teachers and kids.

Getting an impression and feedbacks from direct users.

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Users Testing


Testing the platform wherever we can. Thanks to MindCET, we pilot the product at elementary schools and got feedbacks from teachers and pupils. At friends' house, family and neighbors.

Conclusions & Improvements


After user testing, we drew conclusions and improvements for development. We found out interesting highlights. We add and improve the main features to help users edit their content.

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Launch VR.2


Launching version no.2 after improvements and new features, this time for cross platforms: desktop, mobile, and tablet.

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Iterate... VR.3


So.. as you know this cycle is never-ending. Meanwhile, iterating new features, and release Vs.3. You are welcome to visit the real platform, just click the button bellow:

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